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George Brazil Home Services Airship

About the Airship

We are excited to introduce the George Brazil Airship to Arizona! Since September 2011, the George Brazil Airship has graced Arizona residents with its presence and taken flight all over the Valley. Some day you may see it flying above your neighborhood.

The George Brazil Airship looks like the Goodyear Blimp, but it is not filled with helium; instead, it is filled with hot air produced by burners just like the burners in a hot air balloon. Therefore, the airship can only be flown when the air is cool and winds are low. Flight season is usually December through April and flights usually take place early in the mornings (6am-9am) or at dusk and in the evenings (5pm-7pm).

The airship is motorized and carries up to four people; the pilot and three passengers. George Brazil Home Services likes to use the airship as a promotional tool and for philanthropic events. Why did George Brazil Home Services buy an airship? You will have to click on to our Airship FAQ’s to learn more…

Airship Specifications

Technical Data GEFA - FLUG AS 105 GD Four Seater

  • Volume105.943 ft³
  • Max. all up weight 1984.16 lbs
  • Overall length 134.514 ft
  • Propeller Helix Carbon fibre, 4 blades
  • Diameter 41.99 ft
  • Avionik Dittel FSG 2T/Flytec 3040
  • Flight time (4 persons) ca. 1.0 h
  • Burner Cameron 2x Shadow
  • Maximum airspeed ca. 25 mph
  • Crew Pilot plus max. three persons
  • Engine Rotax 65 PS
  • Envelope material Carrington Hyperlast
  • Tranponder Mode S
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